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Marie Higashi Front/Back 17


Dimensions: W 53cm x H 53cm 

Materials: Acrylic paint, water-based alkyd resin paint and charcoal on a wooden panel 



This elegant wood panel piece uses a dark and earthy palette to explore abstracted form and composition. The black square forms are seemingly energetic and transitory allowing the painting an almost kinetic character bursting with life. Here, Higashi synthesises the contradictions of life, playing with light and dark tones to evoke beauty and strength, chaos and tranquility, movement and stillness. 


About the Artist

Marie Higashi is a self-taught painter currently based in Hyogo. Influenced by her experiences as a nurse, Higashi is inspired by the process of recovery and healing, finding beauty in the strength of life that exists alongside fragility and weakness. Higashi aims to express things that seem contradictory at first glance, but in a way that feels like they coexist.

Marie Higashi Front/Back 17



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