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Takefumi Aoki 5


Dimensions: W 22cm x H 7cm 

Materials:  Porcelain

Method:  Slipcasting

Care: To clean, dust lightly, taking extra care due to the delicate nature of the piece 


With sixteen sides, a smooth, silky texture, and a tiered body featuring Aoki's signature style of complex detailing, this porcelain vessel in pure white perfectly balances simplicity with intricacy. To create his pieces, Aoki squeezes the slightly hard slurry into granules, connects them like a net, and shapes them into cylinders and cones, creating a delicate style of white porcelain that highlights a sense of both strength and fragility.

About the Artist

Takefumi Aoki is a ceramicist currently based in Toki, Gifu. Drawn to the dignified strength within the delicacy of porcelain, Aoki hopes to synthesise this in works that are unique both to him and to the material he works with. Utilising the delicate and fragile forms to highlight the beauty and strength of porcelain, Aoki creates a sense of weightlessness and interplay between reality and illusion that captivates viewers with their exquisite and intricate details.

Takefumi Aoki 5



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