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Yoko Ozawa 'Full' Teapot and V cup 3


Handmade in Melbourne.


Teapot - Ø 22cm x H 23cm

V cup - Ø 15cm x H 9cm

Materials: Stoneware Clay and Eucalyptus Handle

Method: Hand Thrown.

The wooden handle is crafted from bone-dry wood found in eucalyptus forests and provided by Eugene Howard

Care: Fully functional and water-tight. Hand wash. While the glaze is water-tight, it is easily stained - avoid tea, coffee, sauces, etc. 



A precious teapot hand thrown by artist Yoko Ozawa that combines simple form with an exceptionally intricate surface. She uses clay from South Australia and makes her glaze with yellow box ash (eucalyptus) from her own fireplace. The natural crackle glaze creates a tangible, organic texture that enhances the characteristics of the forms that she skilfully makes. This is a great example of Ozawa’s flair for creating harmonious ceramics that explore the relationship between perfection and imperfection.

The masterfully weighted hand-thrown stoneware V cup combines an elegantly simple, poetic form with an exceptionally intricate surface. Its streamlined stemmed silhouette is balanced perfectly with its natural glaze, creating patterning unique to each piece and a rough, organic texture that enhances the tactile nature of the vessel when cupped in the hand.

Fully functional and water-tight. Body of the teapot and wood handles can be wiped clean carefully. The Eucalyptus handles contains oil and so will not rot.

About the Artist:

Yoko Ozawa is a Japanese ceramist, based in Melbourne, who has been working with clay for 15 years. Her interest in the natural world informs works that are simultaneously functional and sculptural. Yoko often manipulates natural phenomena into ceramic form, drawing on the Australian landscape and the Japanese countryside, the seasons and the weather.

Yoko's work adheres to the Japanese notion of Yohaku, which is concerned with blank space and ‘in-between spaces.’ It was through studying Japanese painting that Yoko was introduced to the concept of Yohaku, which enables a deeper consciousness of mind and our surroundings. 

Yoko Ozawa 'Full' Teapot and V cup 3



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