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Artists-in-Conversation: Celia Dowson & Chloé Rosetta Bell

Artists-in-Conversation: Celia Dowson & Chloé Rosetta Bell

Underlying Celia Dowson and Chloé Rosetta Bell's works and unique friendship is a shared dedication to their craft, practice and mutual connection to nature.
Ceramic Photoshoot Maud and Mabel

Our Images and Shoots

Our curator and photographer achieves beautiful images through careful decision-making: natural lighting rather than artificial, props and a combination of materials. Find out more about her process and some of the other artists who inspire our photo shoots.
Tsukimi: Honouring the Moon

Tsukimi: Honouring the Moon By Erin Niimi Longhurst

We are excited to share our first collaboration with Erin Niimi Longhurst,  author of Japonisme, Omoiyari and A Little Book of Japanese Contentments, who will be sharing pieces inspired by our latest exhibitions and collections, with a focus on Japanese philosophy.