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Maud & Mabel in 2023

14th December 2023, by Yi Ting Lee

Maud & Mabel in 2023

Wrapping up the year and looking forward... 

Styled shot featuring Maud & Mabel artists. (Photograph Josephine Cottrell)


E X H I B I T I O N   H I G H L I G H T S

9th - 14th May
 Top: sculpture by Craig Bamford (courtesy the artist); bottom left: wall pieces by Krista Mezzadri and wooden sculptures by Marco Bellini (photograph Josephine Cottrell); bottom right: ceramic sculptures by Gaku Nakane (photograph Justyna Kulam). 

In May, we presented Weightless at Cromwell Place in South Kensington. The exhibition showcased the works of eight established and emerging international artists from Japan, Sweden, Italy, the US and UK: Emelie AbrahamssonCraig BamfordMarco BelliniKrista MezzadriGaku NakaneKoichi OnozawaHideo Sawada and Maiko TsutsumiUniting these artists’ diverse array of disciplines is a pervading delicate appreciation and intimate understanding of their mediums, enabling them to mould solid materials such as clay, wood and metal into light, flowing forms - emanating a sense of weightlessness. 

 23rd June - 8th July

Top left: glass work by Aki Sakaida; top right: ceramic vessels by Takada Kae; bottom: ceramic pieces by Motomu Oyama. (Photograph Josephine Cottrell).

We celebrated emerging contemporary artists and craftspeople from Japan in summer with the exhibition Seijaku / Stillness, featuring works by Yoko Ozawa, Kouzo Takeuchi, Shun Kumagai, Aki Sakaida, Motomu Oyama, Yasuhide Ono, Hatano Wataru, Tetsuya Ozawa, Mizuyo Yamashita and Takada Kae. These artists transform traditional Japanese aesthetics, values, techniques, and materials in unique and experimental ways. Their works strike the balance between bold and powerful forms whilst exuding a sense of calm and embodying the idea of seijaku.


2nd - 18th November 2023

Right: glass vessel by Celia Dowson, painting by Felicity Keefe; left: ceramic and brass works by Chloé Rosetta Bell and glass works by Celia Dowson. (Photograph Josephine Cottrell).

In November, we turned to four distinguished artists based in the UK: Celia DowsonChloé Rosetta BellFelicity Keefe and Craig Bamford, for ‘Of Water’, an exhibition showcasing the profound influence of water – its ceaseless ebb and flow. Water, in all its forms and moods, has long been a source of artistic inspiration. ‘Of Water’ aspires to connect these artist’s diverse disciplines, from ceramics to glass, paintings and metalwork, to this elemental theme. 


F E A T U R E D   N E W   A R T I S T S 

Beyond showcasing new artists in our exhibitions, Maud & Mabel also had the pleasure of introducing special collections by new artists... 



Ceramic vessels by Steve Smith. (Photograph Josephine Cottrell).

Steve Smith is a ceramic artist working from his home studio in the Scottish Borders. His current practice focuses on smoke-firing in a saggar using raw materials foraged from the wild hills around his home. Steve also uses a wide array of other materials, including wire wool, oxides and salts. The resulting pieces, a fusion of old techniques with modern design, are both serene and dramatic.



Styled shots with mud paintings by Emi Suzuki. (Photograph Josephine Cottrell).

Emi Suzuki (b.1984) is a Japanese artist based in Kanagawa and Shizuoka. Suzuki primarily uses hand-collected soil to produce abstract works, with the belief that the tactile process of sourcing her materials to be ‘pure and powerful’. Her mud paintings are spread and polished using a technique influenced by traditional Japanese plastering techniques – the effects are a mirroring of nature.



Ceramic teapots by Youyou Wang. (Photograph Josephine Cottrell).

Youyou Wang is an emerging ceramic artist who graduated from Central Saint Martins. Wang's teapots are made to encapsulate the everyday and the simple moments in utilitarian function. With their understated elegance, each unique teapot features a harmonious merging of elements: wide and petite bodies, small and delicate spouts. The interplay of these contrasts create a visual balance that is at once soothing and engaging.


S E L E C T E D   C O N V E R S A T I O N S






L O O K I N G  F O R W A R D

Building on the successful events this year, Maud & Mabel has an exciting line-up of exhibitions for 2024, here is a preview of our first two shows for the next year...

18th January - 4th February 2024

Built is a celebration of the art of hand-crafted works and processes. This showcase is an ode to the meticulous and intricate art of hand-building ceramics, featuring a remarkable lineup of artists who have mastered this unique craft to create singular forms. 


We will be participating in Collect 2024, showcasing an array of artists, materials and techniques that exemplify the aesthetic value and fine craftsmanship at the core of Maud & Mabel. 


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