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Appearing & Disappearing

28th September - 14th October 
(online from 5pm Thursday 28th September)


Appearing & Disappearing - a solo exhibition by Ashraf Hanna, is a rare presentation of the two mediums the artist is best known for: ceramics and glass. In the exhibition, Hanna explores the idea of material dialogue, expressing his long-time pursuit of form and line, and the way three-dimensional objects interact with light through his hand built ceramics and casted glass forms. The translation of light and forms through the medium in turn affects Hanna’s design and sculpting process. The dual presentation of ceramic and glass demonstrates the artist’s sensitivity to form and material, exposing the dialectic approach in this cross-medium practice.


Material dialogue lies in both the design and actual process of making the artworks in each medium. Ashraf Hanna works primarily in hand-built ceramics, but his ceramic-making techniques and artistic instincts extend to his high-acclaimed glass. In making his glass forms, the artist begins by sculpting multiple clay maquettes, then selects a form to scale up and sculpt a solid clay for casting. Afterwards, a refractory mould of the clay form is made from which the glass is casted. From their inception to creation, Hanna’s two mediums are intricately intertwined, their forms and material qualities coinciding to appear and disappear as light dances across their surfaces.



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