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Exhibition: Sophie Cook


Having previously only worked 2 dimensionally, Sophie was initially drawn to the 3-dimetional aspect of ceramics, first encountering it during her art foundation.
Graduating from Camberwell with the original bottle form in a range of turquoises, Sophie’s work has developed into a whole spectrum of colours, glazes, shapes and tones. Always striving to achieve the perfect form, Sophie has always been drawn to working with porcelain, explaining that despite its reported hardness to handle. “It’s like using crisp white paper… colours are always going to look their best on it.” Sophie explains that, whilst one of the challenges of working with porcelain is that it only allows a few attempts at pull into the desired form before the material gets tired and collapses, after 20 years of working with it, she can’t imagine using anything else.
Pieces in the Porcelain exhibition will be dispatched after the 7th of July


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