Fine Jewellery by Maya Bjørnsten

It wasn’t until her husband returned from Antwerp with hundreds of photos of raw diamonds, that Maya first saw diamonds in their natural form, and fell in love. With all the imperfections laid bare, she saw their effortless natural beauty. They weren’t the “perfect” shape, but they were perfect to Maya. Each diamond had its own vibrancy and lustre for life. To cut it was to change its very personality.

That’s why Maya made Mother Nature her chief designer, and instead focused on choosing the absolute best quality diamonds. It’s not Maya’s passion for Danish design that makes unique. It’s her hands, her eyes, her head and, of course, her heart. Instead of focussing on the cut of the diamonds, Maya relies on her touch, discerning vision and experience to choose the diamonds that are special enough to love just the way they are.

"We believe the best craftsmen show restraint. In fact, the less our craftsmen do, the better. We don’t see imperfections, we see character and individuality, and we want to celebrate that. So rather than cutting a diamond to a shape it never asked for, we simply give it a loving setting and let it be. For a secure foundation, we always use the strongest 14 karat gold around the diamond. Maya Bjørnsten works to create confidently understated works of art befitting the diamonds’ natural beauty."



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