The Line & The Curve



My work has always been a meditation on the vessel form. Observing classical forms during still life studies at El Minya College of Fine Art in Egypt developed an innate appreciation of the vessel as a form of expression.

Recent work is concerned with the purity of form, exploring relationships between line and curve, light and shadow, texture and colour.

My forms have evolved over the years, classical forms have given way to more exploratory shapes and designs.

From desert dunes to body scapes, curves are pleasing and seductive. The ‘Undulating’ series reflect my interest in the physical possibilities arising from the juxtaposition of formal lines and fluid curvaceous planes.

Such curves become more pronounced as the eye travels along the finely textured surface, following the interplay between light and shadow which brings the form alive.

My ‘Cut and Altered’ body of work is another attempt to further explore juxtaposition as a key quality in design. The intersection between sharp lines and soft curves, ‘the opening up’ of the forms through carefully considered minimal intervention provide an opportunity to examine the connection between the exterior and the interior, inviting the viewer to consciously engage with the often hidden aspect that defines the vessel form which is the ‘space within’.

The palette for my collection at Maud and Mable is a response to the colours present in the rugged sea scape of Pembrokeshire.

Subtle hues of greys, blues, interrupted by flashes of more vivid colours dominate the rock and pebble shorelines of storm beaches along the coast.”

- Ashraf Hanna 

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