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Jack Doherty - Solo Exhibition

As part of London Craft Week we are honoured to present an exhibition featuring the stunning works of Jack Doherty. This collection of soda-fired tableware demonstrates the sophistication of Jack’s technical process. Created using one clay, one colouring mineral and a single soda firing, Jack has simplified and refined his making process, stripping away unnecessary elements to produce work with depth and complexity.


30 September – 5 October, 10am – 5.30pm
10 Perrin’s Court, Hampstead, London NW3 1QS


Available online from 6pm Tuesday 29th September. 



“Our homes are now world café’s. With libraries of cookbooks connecting us with world cultures and a fusion of global ideas about sharing, serving and presenting food. Our tables are meeting places to eat, drink and pass the time with family and friends. My functional range of domestic stoneware combines contemporary design with traditional processes and materials. It is inspired by journeys and travels both real and imagined. They are for everyday use, reflecting places and culinary adventures from Dublin to Tokyo, Newlyn to New York. They are pots with a sense of vitality and generosity, a bold simplicity of form and my distinctive soda-fired surfaces”


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