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Luna Llena: Full Moon Exhibition

We are excited to announce an exhibition featuring the powerful works of the talented Alzamora and Good family. The Majorca based matriarchal trio, Grace, Mariana and Dora, create exquisite stoneware vessels which reflect their South American heritage. Taking inspiration from ancient pottery practices from Greece and Asia, these artists are led by experimentation and exploration with this natural form.
Their collection of ceramic works showcases not only familial talent but demonstrates their shared ability to evoke sentiments through shape, form, texture and colour.

5 – 14 November, 10am – 5.30pm
Online Private View from 6pm on 4th November


Born in Peru, Grace Alzamora Good has travelled extensively throughout Europe and the Americas. In 1992 she moved to an island on the Gulf of Mexico where she began her career in ceramics and sculpture. Taught by her mother and sister Mariana, Grace mainly hand builds her pieces, working with high fire stoneware and occasionally terracotta. Her techniques for finishing her pottery include burnishing and pit-firing as well as working with local, natural materials to create her own special glazes.

Mariana’s work is inspired by ancient, mythological tales, interlinked with stories of female empowerment - a fitting motif for an artist who is surrounded by her closest female relatives. She finds herself constantly returning to the simplicity of clay, creating the round forms of wholeness and completion. When coiling the clay, layer by layer to form her pieces, she likens it to the silver serpent from the Garden of Aluseo, a symbol of nature’s wisdom and vigor, seeking to evolve towards fulfilment.

Dora Alzamora Good continued the family’s artistic tradition and is a third generation practitioner. She is self-taught on the potter’s wheel, despite working closely with her mother, aunt and grandmother. Dora works with stoneware clay and fires to high temperatures. Her studio practice includes research and experimentation with glazes as well as working with different firing techniques to achieve a range of surfaces and textures. Having converted an electric kiln into a gas kiln, she has learnt to let the flame work in her favour in order to develop one of a kind pieces.
All three artists currently live and work on the Mediterranean island of Majorca, surrounded by the natural world that so heavily influences their collections.


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