Special Collection: Robynn Storgaard & Bobbye Fermie

We are excited to introduce the work of Copenhagen based ceramicist Robynn Storgaard with a special collection of pieces celebrating 'slow living and conscious consumption' as well as London based painter Bobbye Fermie who captures intimate, still moments in soft, playful tones. 
Sustainably produced, Robynn's aims for her work to be characterised by understated details and a quiet beauty, each piece hand-made, the works are intended to be used and treasured as part of a considered lifestyle.


Bobbye's work is, in a way, about her personality, portraying a sense of intimate stillness and softness that she relates to her introverted personality, through her choice of subject, colours and painting size.


Works will be available to view and buy online and in our Hampstead Gallery from 25th March 2021.