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Special Collection : Carina Ciscato & Sarah Woods

Carina Ciscato and Sarah Woods

Maud & Mabel are delighted to present a special collection uniting works by Carina Ciscato and Sarah Woods; drawing out a gentle dialogue between sublime vessels exhibiting organic curvature in glazes of pale celadons and quiet greys, and paintings of contemplative beauty with soft tones and gestures. 

Release: Tuesday 24th January 



Carina Ciscato’s carefully conceived vessels explore form, spatial perception and structure in new and challenging ways; pushing the limits of her material through her applied examinations into porcelain’s duality of strength and fragility. Her fluid and spontaneous works provide critical insight into our perception of an object; discovering a hidden beauty beyond function and predictability, in search of a purer aesthetic that always allows for new meanings, observations and ways of seeing and perceiving - rendering the object redefined and reinvented. 

Working from her studio in West Cornwall, Sarah Woods’ meditative paintings, with their quiet tones and gentle gestures, follow a rhythm that allows for deep connection to land and sea. Defined by their purity of form and colour - delicate shades of umber for land, Naples yellow for earthy sand, and hues of Prussian blue for sea and sky - each is born from a slow, tranquil flow state. Following the forms of her landscape, the artist moves her brush simply with soft colours, and the simplest, refined elements of paint and canvas come together to capture moments of an eternally changing coastline.


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